So, who’s behind The Survival Guide to Untamed Uterine Kin?

A clinging-to-the-last-of-her-30s Mum-of-Five. A survivor of many a small battle in the ongoing Parenting War. A coffee addict. (Seriously, nothing good has ever come from not being caffeinated first!)

Lover of books, music, horses, and occasionally her husband…

An occasional wine drinker who enjoys cooking for other adults who appreciate the effort put in.

Also fiercely protective of her – often challenging – offspring. She may be outnumbered and often outmaneuvered by the wildings, but never giving up. These pages are filled with the adventures of real parenting. You won’t find an equivalent of the Stepford Wife, a mum who’s got it all figured out, with a pristine house in which Chaos is unfathomable.

Here you’ll find a real mum, with real struggles, and very little leftover sanity. She’s sure the kids took most of that long ago. But sanity is overrated anyway. Right?!